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KCRW is no longer involved with the national distribution of Le Show with Harry Shearer. WWNO has taken over all distribution responsibilities for the program. For information on how to continue to broadcast Le Show, please contact Jenni Lawson at

For an account, please contact the site administrator at:

The following is a list of all media currently available to your station:

File ECMAScript program10/24/16 - Dash cams, body cams and unintended consequences
Air Date 10/24/16
File10/21/16 - Would Divided Government Mean Gridlock?
Air Date 10/21/16
File10/20/16 - A strange race for the White House with a stop in Sin City
Air Date 10/20/16
File10/19/16 - Islamophobia and the Presidential Campaign
Air Date 10/19/16
File Troff document10/18/16 - The Battle for Mosul: How long will it last?
Air Date 10/18/16
File10/17/16 - The Trump Campaign and Democracy’s Future
Air Date 10/17/16
File10/14/16 - Trump goes to war...on women
Air Date 10/14/16
File10/13/16 - The United States, Saudi Arabia and the ignored war in Yemen
Air Date 10/13/16
File10/12/16 - In Syria: Does the US Have Any Good Options?
Air Date 10/12/16
File10/11/16 - The political fallout from Trump's "grope and brag"
Air Date 10/11/16
File Pascal source code10/10/16 Clinton-Trump town hall debate roundup
air date: 10/10/16
File10/7/16 - Reality Check: Parental leave and childcare
Air Date 10/7/16
File10/6/16 -
Air Date 10/6/16
File10/5/16 Reality Check: military spending and national security
air date: 10/5/16
File chemical/x-pdb10/4/16 - Reality check: Climate change, energy and the environment
Air Date 10/4/16
File Troff document10/3/16 Reality check: Higher ed and student debt
air date: 10/03/16
File Octet Stream9/30/16 - Is Suing Saudi Arabia for 9/11 a good idea?
Air Date 9/30/16
File9/29/16 Gender politics and women voters
air date: 9/29/16
File9/28/16 - Syrian peace efforts fail and bombings intensify
Air Date 9/28/16
File Troff document9/27/16 Debate fallout
air date: 9/27/16