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KCRW is no longer involved with the national distribution of Le Show with Harry Shearer. WWNO has taken over all distribution responsibilities for the program. For information on how to continue to broadcast Le Show, please contact Jenni Lawson at

For an account, please contact the site administrator at:

The following is a list of all media currently available to your station:

File ECMAScript program6/23/17 Senate healthcare bill: Reductions in medical care, cuts in taxes
air date: 6/23/17
File6/22/17 Military clashes in Syria expose complex factions
air date: 6/22/17
File6/21/17 Democrats and the lessons of a losing campaign
air date: 6/21/17
File chemical/x-ncbi-asn1-binary6/20/17 Britain in a slump as the EU enjoys revival
air date: 6/20/17
File6/19/17 - Kansas tax cut experiment: Spectacular failure or national model?
Air Date - 6/19/17
File6/16/17 Big trouble in little Qatar as diplomatic crisis grows
air date: 6/16/17
File6/15/17 Gun violence strikes Congress
air date: 6/15/17
File6/14/17 Scandal-obsessed Democrats struggle with internal divisions
air date: 6/14/17
File6/13/17 Does obstruction of justice overshadow Russia meddling probe?
air date: 6/13/17
File Troff document6/12/17 Replacing Obamacare: Now you see it… now you don’t
air date: 6/12/17
File SIS package6/9/17 Who’s to blame for the opioid crisis?
air date: 6/9/17
File6/8/17 Ex-FBI Director Comey Tells His Side of the Story
air date: 6/8/17
File6/7/17 The Trump Agenda: Where’s the Beef?
air date: 6/7/17
File Pascal source code6/6/17 Human Rights in the Era of Donald Trump
air date: 6/6/17
File6/2/17 Venezuela spirals into economic and political chaos
air date: 6/2/17
File D source code6/1/17 What happens when America retreats from the world?
air date: 6/1/17
File5/31/17 Trump's new look at civil rights and global warming
air date: 5/31/17
File5/30/17 The longest US war: Will Trump send more troops to Afghanistan?
air date: 5/30/17
File4/5/17 Terrorism and Tweets, Hate Speech and Murder
air date: 4/5/17