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KCRW is no longer involved with the national distribution of Le Show with Harry Shearer. WWNO has taken over all distribution responsibilities for the program. For information on how to continue to broadcast Le Show, please contact Jenni Lawson at

For an account, please contact the site administrator at:

The following is a list of all media currently available to your station:

File4/28/17 100 days of executive action: Accomplishment or posturing?
air date: 4/28/17
File Octet Stream4/27/17 Rhetoric and brinksmanship on the Korean Peninsula
air date: 4/27/17
File4/26/17 Will the world's top talent give up on the US?
air date: 4/26/17
File4/25/17 Trump, the wall and the first 100 days
air date: 4/25/17
File4/24/17 In Janesville, WI, Middle America meets the new American dream
air date: 4/24/17
File C header4/21/17 Will the march for science politicize objective research?
air date: 4/21/17
File ECMAScript program4/20/17 Trump's ethical conflicts pile up as transparency diminishes
air date: 4/20/17
File D source code4/19/17 Truth and Lies in Trumpland
air date: 4/19/17
File4/18/17 Why Don't Facts Matter?
air date: 4/18/17
File D source code4/17/17 Nuclear crisis on the Korean Peninsula slowly coming to a head
air date: 4/17/17
File D source code4/14/17 The flight bumping heard around 'round the world
air date: 4/14/17
File Octet Stream4/13/17 White House flip flops: NATO, Syria and China
air date: 4/13/17
File4/12/17 "Tough on crime" rhetoric sees a revival at Sessions' DOJ
air date: 4/12/17
File ECMAScript program4/11/17 After Syria strike a new Trump doctrine emerges
air date: 4/11/17
File Octet Stream4/10/17 Mixed Messages from US diplomats on the new hard line on Syria
air date: 4/10/17
File application/x-troff-me4/7/17 The attack on Syria: Risky, illegal... or about time?
air date: 4/7/17
File ECMAScript program4/6/17 GOP 'Nukes' the Senate filibuster on SCOTUS nominees
air date: 4/6/17
File4/5/17 Trump talks tough on North Korea ahead of talks with Xi
air date: 4/5/17
File Pascal source code4/4/17 Is Venezuela becoming a dictatorship?
air date: 4/4/17
File application/x-troff-me4/3/17 The US gets deeper into Middle East wars. What's the endgame?
air date: 4/3/17